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Report on Labaratory Work

Often, laboratory work is a kind of adventure for the student. It is about this adventure that should be told in the report. How to write a report and do not miss anything, how correctly to characterize all the stages?

The front page of the laboratory report should contain the name “Report on laboratory work”.

The next page is the introduction, there is no content in the laboratory report. But still the structure should be traced. You need to make an accent on it and try not to change anything. The sequence is as follows: theory, description of the experimental procedure, results of the study, detailed discussion of the experiment, conclusions.

In the introduction, the main thing is to correctly, clearly and correctly formulate goals and objectives. Remember, the main thing in laboratory work is the utility and practicality of the experiment.

The theoretical part is simple. It is enough to choose a single font, text style and take into account all requirements. The volume of the laboratory report depends on how much you delve into the topic.

All the rest of the laboratory work is done approximately the same way. It should be borne in mind that any student’s work should have a single font, style of design and even the same line spacing.

Before you paste into pictures, tables or charts, you need to make them the same size and type.

If you insert images into the report on laboratory work, then they categorically can not be of different sizes. All report work should contain pictures of the same type.

As for diagrams or other graphical elements, then, as in the case of tables, they do not have to be completely different. If you used a pie chart once, then use it throughout the entire report.

Conclusion – the essence of this section is a brief retelling of all the work and summarizing its results. A brief description of the results obtained during the performance of laboratory work is given.

At the end of the laboratory report, we need to draw a conclusion. In it, describe what you learned during your work on this project and what conclusions you have made for yourself. You also need to write what you learned during the laboratory work