Coursework writing guide

The next item of the coursework is drawing up a plan. A thoughtful and clear plan will save you from unnecessary work. In addition, it will allow you to schedule a schedule for writing a work. After that you can get acquainted with the literature (for the time being only superficially) and, having specified the wording of the topic, to draw up an approximate plan of coursework. This plan in the future can be adjusted and even changed, but in any case it will serve you as a good guide. In real life, all the events described take place in a more short time.

The coursework plan is a brief description of it’s logical structure, which includes basic and minor issues, different classifications. Therefore, it should clearly identify the main sections and subsections that can be divided into smaller parts.

In accordance with standard requirements, the course work should include the introduction, the main part and the conclusion.

In the introduction it’s necessary: to show the relevance of the chosen topic and the degree of its scientific development, to explain why you chose this topic, to formulate the goals and objectives of the study, to list the main literary and information sources and methods of research.

It is important to remember that the wording of the research objective should coincide with the title of the topic of the work, and the formulation of tasks – with the names of the relevant sections and subsections.

The main piece of the coursework is the presentation of the results. Usually it includes 3-4 sections, which, in turn, can be divided into the required number of subsections. The finished course should be no more than 20-25 pages.

By tradition, the first section of the course work is usually devoted to general theoretical aspects of the chosen topic. It reveals the essence of the problem, shows it’s  place in economic theory and practice, provides a critical review of existing approaches to its study.

The second section usually discusses the practical side of the issue, including possible difficulties and shortcomings in this area.

The third section is made to devote to the formulation of recommendations on the solution of the investigated problem, if possible with reference to the conditions of our country (depending on the topic).

When drawing up the plan for the main part of the coursework, the following rules should be followed: each section should include at least two subsections, each subsequent section must be logically linked with the previous one both in title and content. The content of this section should fully correspond to its title. The names of sections and subsections should consist of one sentence.